Comiendo algodón en la pista de baile

Lumen lab Comiendo algodón en la pista de baile AR003 – 2004 The first album of the Enfant Terrible from Mexican electronica. Happily broken frequencies, electronic punk and lots of sensibility. Graphic art by JIS.

No estamos solos

Compilation 2003 AR001 Abolipop’s manifesto against the conformist electronic scene in Mexico at the beginning of the new millennium. Made in a very naïve way, trying to conquer a place as plain artists. Includes tracks from Lumen lab, Transistor, Nebula…


Transformaciones Compilation AR004 – 2004 Sample compilation of melodic and explorative pop proposed by Abolipop in 2004. Great graphic art created by Plug, Destreza, Kiwi Morado and Rodrigo Arana. Tracks from Aeropuerto, Antena, Broadband Star, Destreza, Jack’s son, Israel M,…

Trip to Triton… and Nereida

Nebula 3 Trip to Triton… and Nereida AR002 – 2003 6 tracks full of melancholy, delicate ambient textures and warm melodies launched from synthesizers. One of the first indie-tronic records in Mexico.

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